Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 Things to Consider When It Comes to Custom Mascot Design

A mascot is a great solution to increase the recognition of your brand, better identify with your consumers and help people remember who you are. Plus, a really good mascot just looks plain cool!
Before you can start using a mascot to help enhance your brand, however, you need to have it designed. This design process is not one that should be approached haphazardly either. You need to keep in mind the important elements of custom mascot design, and a professional mascot designer can help you create the perfect character. Here are five factors that you absolutely must consider when creating your mascot:
1. Your organization's values
When designing a mascot, what your organization is all about matters more than anything else. This is for the same reasons that your core values are reflected in your slogan, your logo and the way that you train your team members: you want to let the world know what your organization is all about.
Since your organization's mascot is all about reflecting what your team is all about, make sure that your core values are reflected in the design of your mascot.
2. Your organization's colors
When people see your mascot, they should immediately be thinking about your organization's brand. A great way to make this happen is to keep your organization's colors in mind when designing your mascot.
If you do not already have a specific color scheme that reflects your brand, now is the time to create one, because people are better able to identify you if you have an organizational color scheme. If your color scheme is good enough and your mascot wears it well, people may even begin to identify that color scheme with your brand specifically, no matter who uses it (think Laker purple)!
3. What you want your mascot to be
Generally speaking, there are three types of mascots: human, inanimate objects and animals. Here is how each category can alter the perception of your mascot:
A human mascot can help your organization provide a very relatable and friendly image to your audience. For example, a police officer mascot would be great for a pest control company, as it implies that they will get rid of the bad guys (the pests).
Inanimate objects
This is a great option if you would like to inject the vibrancy of your product into your mascot. For example, a company that makes deodorant could create a deodorant stick mascot with muscular appendages to imply the strength of the deodorant's protection.
An animal mascot tends to project a family friendliness (this is why sports teams and toy manufacturers use them so often). This is an excellent choice for brands that deal with children.
Not sure which style is best? Browse our gallery to get inspired! Of course, our expert custom mascot designers can advise you on the best type of mascot for your purposes.
4. Concept design
Mascot design doesn’t always happen overnight. Don't be afraid to inject any fun ideas that you have into a mascot design. At Hogtown Mascots, we typically like to create at least two contrasting mascot design concepts to show you so that you can make the right decision for your brand.
5. Your mascot needs to stand out in a crowd
If your mascot looks like someone else's, it won’t be clearly identifiable as belonging to your brand. Instead, they are likely to mistake your mascot for that of another company. In order to avoid this mishap, take the time to make sure that your mascot design is completely unique.
For more information about custom mascot design...
To learn more or to get the process for your custom mascot design started today, contact Hogtown Mascots custom mascot design company. We design and create some of the best custom mascots for companies like yours all around the world. The Hogtown Mascots team can be reached via phone at (877) 622-8422 or via our website at

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