Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot?

ARE MASCOT COSTUMES HOT? The simple answer is YES!

Many people believe that there is some magical way to avoid being hot and not sweating inside a mascot costume.  That simply is not possible...
While our construction methods make mascot costumes as comfortable as possible and there are new materials being used that help body heat escape, the reality is that wearing a fur jumpsuit – whether you’re simply standing still, walking, or jumping around – will make you sweat. That is the body’s natural response to heat and there is nothing wrong with it.

Rather than focusing on a mascot costume being hot, mascot performers should be concerned about two things:

  1. Is there proper ventilation?
  2. Can the costume be thoroughly cleaned (or at least fully air dried) between uses?

Find more information HERE on general mascot care. We provide detailed instructions and helpful tips to keep your mascot costume fresh and ready to wear.

Ventilation in a mascot costume is crucial.  A mascot head that is completely enclosed poses a potential hazard for the wearer. You could easily pass out simply from not getting enough fresh air.  Mascot costumes typically have areas that are covered in mesh to allow air to pass through while still preventing the public from seeing the performer inside the costume.  Meshed areas usually include eyes, mouth, ears, and noses. 

Ventilation is also an important factor in the mascot bodysuit you’re wearing.  If any parts of the mascot body contain foam (usually in a big belly or other areas that are padded) then the ONLY type of foam that should be used is reticulated foam.  The reason for this is that reticulated foam has very large pores.  This allows body heat to pass through it and it will also prevent the foam from holding moisture when it’s washed.  This foam will dry completely after washing and prevent bacteria from growing.  If your mascot costume has any type of foam in the body other than reticulated (i.e. upholstery foam) then you should NOT wear it. 


All professional mascot and character costumes as seen in theme parks like Disney, Universal, Six Flags, etc. have elaborate cooling systems.   

FALSE! The important thing to note is that these costumes are generally worn by professional performers who have built up a tolerance for the environment inside a costume and rely on 3 important rules of mascot performing – proper ventilation for fresh air, regular breaks, and drinking plenty of water.

Fans and Cooling Vests.

At Hogtown Mascots, we recognize that most people who volunteer (or are recruited) to wear a mascot costume are usually not seasoned performers. For that reason we do install fans in our heads and also provide the option of an ice vest because there is a demand for them. It’s important to keep in mind though, that the fans we install are not designed for cooling but rather to help bring in more fresh air into the costume. For more tips on how to be a great mascot performer check out this link