Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Mascot Performer from Hogtown Mascots

Whether you need a new mascot for your school’s big hockey game, have enlisted Santa and elves for the holidays, or need an engaging, larger than life figure to draw attention during a product sampling campaign, it takes two things to ensure success –a well-designed mascot costume and a talented mascot performer.

It Takes Heart to Captivate an Audience
A good mascot performer puts on a costume and plays the part; however, a great mascot puts on the costume and assumes the identity. Wearing a suit is only a small part of being a mascot performer. More than anything, it takes heart.

A lacklustre performance breaks character and drives an audience away by utilizing gestures that are threatening, lacking in any humour, or simply just don't fit the character. Rather than subjecting individuals and visitors to an awkward if not creepy experience, hiring a professional mascot performer can ensure a fun experience with a practiced and high energy mascot professional.
At Hogtown Mascots, our professional performers play not only to the brand but to the audience ad well. What this means is that they make use of the gestures, energy and attitude necessary to ensure an engaging performance that resonates with children and adults, sports fans or potential customers. They know what does and doesn’t work during sporting events, meet and greets, parades and more. 

All mascot performers aren't the same however. In addition to talent, experience and training play a huge role. Being a mascot is uniquely difficult as not only does the performance have to be vivacious with a touch of humour and wit, it has to be silent as well.

About Hogtown Mascots
At Hogtown Mascots we design and create mascot costumes in partnership with clients across North America. We also provide mascot storage, cleaning and professional mascot performers, along with many other related services. With our ongoing commitment to innovation, we are constantly striving for smarter, more dynamic ways of bringing your brand identity to life, whether through the costume itself or through the performance. Hogtown Mascots is also proud to be a license partner with Sesame Workshop, managing all meet-and-greet walk around character appearances throughout Canada.
If you’re interested in learning more about hiring one of our professional mascot performers for your sporting, marketing or other special event, please don’t hesitate to contact us online, or call 1-877-622-8422.


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