Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top 5 Uses for Custom Mascots

Top 5 Uses for Custom Mascots
A company or team mascot can be great for morale, and can help get attention when you need it most. Whether you're trying to stir up publicity for a promotion, awareness of your brand, charity event or big game, a fun, colorful and friendly mascot can make a huge difference. 

Why have a mascot?
The good thing about custom mascots is that the sky's really the limit when choosing one. Many companies and teams like to go for an animal, such as a leopard or fuzzy bear, however you could choose a usually inanimate object (like a slice of pizza or a heart) or made-up character that is unique to you and sets you apart from everyone else. 
There are also plenty of other benefits that come from having your own custom mascot, including: 
  • Allowing people to see instantly what your company is about
  • Helping your brand connect with a younger audience
  • Having an ageless spokesperson
  • Increasing your brand name recall 
If you're considering investing in a custom mascot, but aren't sure if you'd get much use out of it, then think again. Here are just five great ways you'll be able to put your custom mascot to good use, plus you'll probably find there will probably be plenty of other opportunities that crop unexpectedly too! 

Event promotions
Say you've just launched a new product and are trying to raise awareness. Custom mascots are fantastic when promoting your product to people on the streets or at special targeted events like business fairs or conventions. A convention is a fabulous time to get your mascot out there promoting your brand, and as long as you pick the right mascot, it should only take one look for consumers to know what your business is really about. 

Charity events
If your business is some way involved in charity, why not put on a fundraising event where your mascot can really shine? Otherwise, your mascot could participate in local charity events, or even take part in a charity marathon! People will see your mascot participating and know that your business is involved and cares about the cause, which also sends out a great message about your brand that people will remember. 

Company games
If you have a company football match or baseball game, it's the perfect time to get your mascot out on the field to boost your team's morale! This is especially important if you're competing against another business, but even if you're going with internal teams, it's still a fun way to enhance team games. 

School spirit
Custom mascots are also great for schools, and can in fact represent school spirit at whatever event or games happen to be taking place. Everyone will look forward to school sports days; the kids will love it, and the parents probably will too.

Meet and greets
If your business has formal or informal meet and greet events, and you know there's going to be publicity there, it's a great chance for photo ops, showcase your mascot and further raise your brand awareness. You could be presenting a cheque to charity, or participating in a local event along with other businesses, but whatever the case, you'll be sure to leave a fantastic impression with your colourful, cuddly mascot.
Mascots can make all the difference when it comes to promotions and boosting your company or team's morale, and you can choose your own custom mascots to represent your brand to the world and give your audience a better idea of what your company is about. The only question is, which mascot will you choose? Hogtown Mascots can help your make your custom mascot idea a reality. Call us today at 1-877-622-8422 to find out more.

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